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Subject: [premanahataraomtare]BALI : Now We Move Forward

This is a message from Parum Samigita which is the Think Tank for
the Banjars (Village Councils) of the Kuta, Legian and Seminyak areas
of Bali.

It comes from the heart of the Balinese people at ground zero in
Kuta and was delivered at a press conference 100m south of ground zero
yesterday. It expresses what the people of Kuta want to say to the

Please, if you can, help them to get their message across. This
message may be published or passed on. Pictures of the press
conference are available by contacting Nick@NickBurgoyne.com
and will be on the site


in a day or so. An audio tape is also available via Nick.

Parum Samigita has been coordinating relief efforts for the
Balinese and migrant Indonesian families who have been
dispossessed by the bombing.

Now We Move Forward

Sekarang Kita Maju!

25th October 2002

We Balinese have an essential concept of balance. It is the Tri
Hita Karana; a concept of harmonious balance. The balance between God
humanity; Humanity with itself and Humanity with the environment.
This places us all in a universe of common understanding.

It is not only nuclear bombs which have fallout. It is our job to
minimize this
fallout for our people and our guests from around the world.

Who did this? It is not such an important question for us to discuss.

Why this happened maybe this is more worthy of thought.

What can we do to create beauty from this tragedy and come to an
understanding where nobody feels the need to make such a statement

This is important. This is the basis from which we can embrace
everyone as a brother; everyone as a sister.

It is a period of uncertainty. It is a period of change. It is
also an opportunity for us to move together into a better future.

A future where we embrace all of humanity in the knowledge
that we all look and smell the same when we are burnt.

Victims of this tragedy are from all over the world.

The past is not significant. It is the future which is important.
This is the time to bring our values, our empathy, to society
and the world at large. To care

To Love.

The modern world brings to many of us the ability to rise above the
core need for survival. Most people in the developed world no longer
need to struggle to simply stay alive. It is our duty to strive to
improve our quality of life.

We want to return to our lives.

Please help us realize this wish.

Why seek retribution from people who are acting as they see fit?
These people are misguided from our point of view.

Obviously, from theirs, they feel justified and angry enough
to make such a brutal statement.

We would like to send a message to the world - Embrace
this misunderstanding between our brothers and lets seek a peaceful
answer to the problems which bring us to such tragedy.

We embrace all the beliefs, hopes and dreams of all the people in the
with Love.

Do not bring malice to our world. What has happened has happened.
Stop talking about the theories of who did this and why. It does not
serve the spirit of our people. Words of hate will not rebuild our shops

They will not heal damaged skin. They will not bring back our

Help us to create beauty out of this tragedy.

Our community is bruised and hurting. Our spirit can never be broken.

Everybody in the world is of one principle brotherhood.

Tat Wam Asi - You are me and I am you.

We have a concept in Bali, Ruwa Bhineda, a balance between good and bad.

Without bad there can be no good. The Bad is the sibling of the Good.

Embrace this concept and we can move forward into a better world.

You love your husband and wife but sometimes
you fight.

Fear arises and shows its opposition to love.

This is normal. This is a natural, essential part of life.

There is Sekala / Nisikala - the underworld forever in darkness
merging with our world in the light.

These are the concepts by which we, as Balinese, live our lives.

Please, we beg you, talk only of the good which can come
of this. Talk of how we can reconcile our apparent differences.

Talk of how we can bring empathy and love into everybody's lives.

The overwhelming scenes of love and compassion at Sanglah Hospital
show us the way forward into the future.

If we hate our brothers and sisters we are lost in Kali Yuga.

If we can Love all of our brothers and sisters, we have
already begun to move into Kertha Yuga.

We have already won The War Against Terrorism.

Thank you for all your compassion and love

Asana Viebeke L
Kuta Desa Adat
Parum Samigita